About Grace

Working Straight from the Heart!
When it comes to helping others, Grace has her heart in the right place.

Grace has traveled across the globe with many experiences that have given her a memorable taste of different cultures, people and perspectives on life. She is the type of woman who,when presented with a challenge, applies a quiet determination and positive outlook to make good things happen for herself and for others. “I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and meeting new people,” Grace says. “Situations that enable me to challenge myself are what I thrive on.”

At the heart of what matters

Grace and her family moved to New York City in the early 1980s. It was quite a cultural shock, but she thrived on the energy and excitement of the Big Apple. Grace started her professional career in the global communications industry in New York as a project coordinator which ultimately brought her to southern California. In her ten years with the company, she worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the organization and make the most of every opportunity that was presented to her. Grace always had the unique ability to keep things running smoothly and take each project to heart even if it meant rolling up her sleeves and doing more than what was defined by her job description, if it would ease the process, she was more than willing to step up and do what was necessary. This same determination, commitment and attention to detail continue to drive her today as a real estate professional whose heart is in it every step of the way.

There is no agent who fits that description better than grace. She takes the time to carefully listen to your needs, establish your goals and develop strategic plans of action to achieve them, her background in technology, project management, and international cultural experience gives her the distinct ability and experience to bring together all the details of your move seamlessly. She treats her relationship with her clients as a partnership and will always go above and beyond with their best interests in mind.

A heartfelt approach

Grace embraced her move to California and quickly adapted to the active lifestyle here. She even tried surfing and loved it! Whenever she can find free time, she loves playing tennis, bicycling and swimming. She attends Church a few times a week. She has a dog named "Gismo". "Her faith has been stronger and she appreciates that she could pray for others daily." She has also involved in charitable organizations She volunteers and contributes to help make the world a better place where opportunities can be shared by all walks of life. She moved to Heritage Lake, Menifee, from Orange County and now to Murrieta and continues to find great satisfaction in helping people make the most of their home buying and selling opportunities.

When you’ve made the decision to buy or sell a home, Grace believes in providing professional service and personal attention, and she will be there for you every step of the way to answer your questions and alleviate any concerns you may have about the process. Her industry expertise and genuine concern for your needs ensures she’s always working straight from the heart and you can count on her t do what it takes to reach your goals. With her positive energy, driven personality, international experience and heartfelt approach, Grace is able to find common ground with people and build lasting relationships with her clients. Because she takes such a vested interest in your needs, she is driven to give her best and provide the information, guidance and support you need to get the results you are looking for. Grace is there to answer all of your questions and is highly attentive to the details. Make the most of your real estate opportunities and count on Grace’s one-on- one attention, timely communication and professional guidance. She works straight from the heart every step of the way. Call her today. You’ll be glad you did!



A commitment to the needs of clients is paramount to the success of any good real estate professional.

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